We print vinyl banners too.  We only use the heavier 13oz material and grommet every corner and additionally every two foot to ensure you can keep it where ya want it.  We will also put wind slits for a bit extra in it so it will stand up in heavy winds.  Our basic print size is 2.5 foot (X) however long you want it.  The finish size is two inches shorter do to hemming the edges which is standard by the way.  Our charges are simple, $7 a foot.  If you want a banner 6' long it's $42.  Hard to beat that price!!!!   We are also stocking 5' banner material so we can print ya a 5 X 100 banner if ya want.

Need a banner designed.  We charge $45 an hour for graphic design so it all depends on what ya want.  If you have everything you want to put on your banner and just need to add some simple text and minimal background design you're probably only lookin about $30.  And then if it only takes a few minutes we don't sweat it.