These are what I call a "LightTux".  You ever see a guy in his same ol T-Shirts and then one day you bump into him at a wedding wearing a Tux?  WOW!!!! is the first thing that comes to mind as the ol boy cleaned up pretty good.   The "LightTux" will do exactly that for your home, office or school lighting.  We print graphics on a special material to diffuse and transfer the light through the graphics as to illuminate the graphics and allow light to pass through.  These look incredible.

The 48 X 24 "LightTux" sells for $40 and the 24 X 24 are $30.  Not finding what you want, you can do one of two things.  We will do a custom "LightTux" for you, say a family pic, perfect moment shot, pets, landscape, buildings or whatever you want for $55.  But if your pic is something we can use and put into our library and you give us full rights to the pic then we will knock $5 off to make it an even $50 and you just may walk into your doctors office one day and find that your pic you sent us is up in their lights.  Kinda makes a person proud. 

Sized at 48 X 24 for full coverage of your light.  We do run across some that are a couple inches smaller so measure your diffuser as we can make a quick change to the size so you can avoid the hassle of trimming the LightTux and risk losing the integrity of the graphics.
Sized at 24 X 24 these will fit the half lights that are in the smaller areas.  Again, we can make a quick change to the size so measure your diffuser.
These pics are of actual installed "LightTux".  The ceiling was painted a dark color so you have to look close to tell they are in a ceiling light. 

Installation is easy as changing the fluorescent tubes.  Just drop your diffuser down by releasing the two clips, dust it off so it's clean and then lay the "LightTux flat with the shiny side up.  Close it up and hit the lights.

The "LightTux" will knock down some of the lighting.  This will vary with the graphics.  If you chose the Grizzly, Black Bear or one that doesn't have bright colors you lose a bit more lighting then if you were to chose one with a lot of sky or bright colors.