Check out our new line of Pitching Washers.  We currently have 30 designs and adding more soon.  Our washers are digitally printed and then laminated with a laminate similar to a clear bra that's applied to vehicles to stop chipping.  These washers hold up amazingly well.    We also make custom washers for your business, upcoming party, gifts and whatever the occasion.  You can send us any image you want and we can do it.  We can print custom text on em and even make two different sides.   All washers are 2.5 inch.  Weights will vary by set but all individual washers in each set weigh exactly the same for consistent throwing.  All washers come in a set of 4 with a carrying case!! 


Our washers are priced at $19.00 on Amazon Prime so if you're a member they ship free, if not add an additional set or order em with something else in your basket as orders over $35 ship free too.   Check out our Drinking Washers as you may want more than one set anywat to mix and match for parties. 

Custom washers are $19 a set plus $10 for custom and $5 for text.  If you want your cool pic with your name on em it's $34 a set.

Large orders for company customer perks, parties and events we drop the price to $12 a set for orders of 10 or more sets.  Custom fees will apply to only one set.